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Month: November 2012

Vita Manitoba loses its emergency department

CBC Manitoba recently reported on the closure, in October, of the emergency room in rural Vita, Manitoba.  Closure was forced by an insufficient number of physicians to staff the local emergency facility. Residents will now have to drive approximately 50 Kms to Steinbach to access an emergency department and this has left many of the… Read More ›

Nova Scotia reports 17,000 hours of disrupted emergency service

A recent article published in the Chronicle Herald highlighted the chronic difficulties of staffing Nova Scotia’s rural emergency departments. Unanticipated closures exposed Nova Scotians to thousands of hours of emergency service disruptions.  That is to say a community suddenly and often unexpectedly found itself with closed emergency department doors.  I can think of nothing worse… Read More ›

Nova Scotia ER staffing program fails to keep Middleton ER open

The chronicle herald yesterday published a report of the failure of nova scotia’s emergency locum program to keep the Middleton hospital open. last year rural Nova Scotians were met with service disruptions for 19,000 hours. Recent reports have also shown the collaborative care centres to be vulnerable to nursing shortages. Ontario has not had service… Read More ›

A Tale of Two Cities

An individual presents to an emergency department in Montreal feigning renal colic in search of opiates. Unfortunately for him, the emergency doctor works in two hospitals; one in Montreal and also in a small rural hospital in Eastern Ontario, which just happens to be the home town of the drug seeker. In the small town… Read More ›

Emergency Physician Workload Modeling

A lovely letter to the editor in this month’s Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine (Petrie, Campbell and Ross) with respect to the often conflicting paradigms of predicting the emergency needs of a community and the issue of emergency physician compensation. The authors point out that modeling for compensation is problematic as it pits doctors in the typical negotiation… Read More ›

Disturbing video of ER doctor arrested by SQ while working | CTV Montreal News

Disturbing video of ER doctor arrested by SQ while working | CTV Montreal News.

Quebec emergency physician arrested for refusing to disclose medical information

Last month, CTV Montreal released a disturbing video of an emergency physicial in Lachute, Quebec being arrested by the SQ provincial police force for obstruction of justice. His apparent crime was failing to release medical infrmation about a patient without a warrant. The doctor was forcefully arrested and handcuffed in full public view of the… Read More ›

Prolonged wait for ER care leads to death of Edmonton senior

“Judge says long ER wait played role in Edmonton man’s death”  Calgary Herald  November 5, 2012 There was a recent report puiblished in the Alberta media with respect to the death of an elderly man (Samuel Takyi) who delayed seeking care because of a perceived prolonged ER wait time. There was a judicial finding that… Read More ›

Patients as customers: surfing hospital emergency department websites for shorter wait times

An interesting article by Pamela Fayerman of the Vancouver Sun.  Reports on the plan by Vancouver Coastal Health to publish ER wait times on the web.  This purportedly in the interest of public accountability, institutional transparency and empowerment of the emergency patient as consumer.This follows the lead of Alberta which has been reporting ER wait… Read More ›

Access to emergency care

Timely access to quality emergency care is a basic human right. Fourteen million Canadians access care through the emergency department on an annual basis and for many, if not most, it proves to be an unsatisfactory experience.  Prolonged waits for care, disparate quality and sporadic closures in rural departments undermine the confidence of Canadians in… Read More ›