Canadians deserve the very best in emergency care . Let's work to restore their confidence in the emergency health care system.

Access to emergency care


Timely access to quality emergency care is a basic human right. Fourteen million Canadians access care through the emergency department on an annual basis and for many, if not most, it proves to be an unsatisfactory experience.  Prolonged waits for care, disparate quality and sporadic closures in rural departments undermine the confidence of Canadians in their health care system.
We have the expertise and the resources to have one of the best emergency care systems in the world.
Why hasn’t this happened?
In short a lack of a national approach or vision with respect to emergency department standards, adequately trained human resources, patchwork regionalization and an incomprehensible lethargy with respect to solving the problem of emergency department crowding.
Let’s work to understand these problems and fix them.
Canadians deserve better.

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