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Month: January 2013

More on the Nfld ER Wait Times Strategy

The state of Emergency Eastern Health ER data January 26, 2013 Pam Frampton Province’s strategy to reduce ER wait times could be better, experts say “Many myths exist as to the causes of emergency department overcrowding, including overuse by non-urgent patients and seasonal outbreaks.” — From the 2006 Ontario-based report Improving Access to Emergency Care:… Read More ›

Hamilton ER wait times

I was struck by the laudatory tone of the article in the Toronto Star (Hospital drastically cuts ER wait times Published on Wednesday January 23, 2013) on the reduction of ER wait times in that city. The staff should certainly be recognized for their innovation and improvements in wait times for non urgent problems Unfortunately… Read More ›

EDs without Doctors: Lying like Lance

An emergency department “without a doctor” is a cynical misrepresentation to rural Canadians. To suggest that a clinic with a nurse practitioner and/or a paramedic can replace a well-trained and adequately supported emergency physician borders on the absurd. It is true that the percentage of life threatening emergences presenting to an ER is often less… Read More ›

The Newfoundland ED Wait Times Strategy

An excellent review of the concerns with respect to Newfoundland’s ER wait times strategy: The state of Emergency Eastern Health ER data Province’s strategy to reduce ER wait times could be better, experts say January 25, 2013 Pam Frampton “Many myths exist as to the causes of emergency department overcrowding, including overuse by non-urgent patients… Read More ›

Do Nurse Practitioners have any role in solving ER crowding?

The Winnipeg Health Authority has just committed to reducing ER wait times by 2015. There solution to hire nurse practitioners. NPs have a definite role to play in emergency care but resolving crowding is not one of them. Following is a 2003 article written by myself and Mike Bingley explaining the situation. Still valid ten… Read More ›

Be cautious of doctorless ERs: physician group CBC January 21, 2013

he Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians is urging P.E.I. to be cautious when it comes to moving toward Collaborative Emergency Centres. ‘Let’s not for a minute assume that the Nova Scotia experiment has been tried, tested and proven.’ — Dr. Allan Drummond Last week a P.E.I. contingent of politicians and community members visited two CECs… Read More ›

Nova Scotia ER Model Needs Scrutiny

N.S. model needs scrutiny Published on January 16, 2013 Letters to the Editor (The Guardian) Editor: We are encouraged by the health minister of P.E.I. addressing emergency issues by announcing a study of emergency department wait times and by considering alternative care at the Western Hospital in Alberton. The Nova Scotian model has attracted a… Read More ›

Non-Urgent Patients in the ER: A Non-Problem

With the resurgence of the flu this winter, the media has focused in on patients with viral illness flooding the emergency departments across Canada. To be sure this is a problem for everybody.  High volumes in the emergency departments and prolonged waits for miserable people in crowded and congested waiting rooms can hardly be considered… Read More ›

ED Overcrowding: An All-Too Real Threat to Patient Health and Safety

There has been much discussion in the past week about Canadian emergency departments functioning with occupancy rates of anywhere from 120-200%. This has been suggested to be associated with the most recent flu outbreak which indeed are stressing EDs across North America. But to be clear, overcrowded hospitals leading to emergency departments functioning at overcapacity… Read More ›

Money talks in staffing rural ERs

Nova Scotia has been experiencing difficulties in staffing rural ERs and their approach has been to gradually introduce regional collaborative health centres and to develop a pool of locums physicians available to staff low volume rural Emergency Departments.  These are probably good initiatives but until a comprehensive regional approach is developed for emergency services in… Read More ›