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Month: February 2013

ER Wait Times in Hamilton

Last month the Spectator reported that St. Joseph’s was “turning ER wait times times on their head” with a short but positive experiment on the initial assessment and management of low acuity patients. This week you report that ER wait times in the Hamilton region are among the worst in the province. What is the… Read More ›

Left Without Being Seen in the ER: An Important Indicator of Access to Care

Last year, the Winnipeg press reported that the number of patients leaving local emergency departments had significantly increased. The CBC reported that “in the past year, 10.7 per cent of patients who sought care at the Health Sciences Centre’s emergency room left without being seen — up 23 per cent from 2009-10 — according to… Read More ›

Can’t have an ER without MDs National Post January 30, 2013

You can’t have an ER without MDs Re: ERs Without Doctors?, Jan. 26. An emergency department “without a doctor” is a cynical misrepresentation to rural Canadians. To suggest that a clinic with a nurse practitioner and/or a paramedic can replace a well-trained and adequately supported emergency physician borders on the absurd. It is true that… Read More ›

Improving ER Wait Times in Manitoba: Idle No More?

The Manitoba government recently announced that they were yet again going to significantly deal with the issue of ER crowding in Winnipeg hospitals. The target date for improvement is set for 2015. (Two more years of misery for the residents of friendly Manitoba!) The problem is that Manitoba has been engaged in meaningless chatter on… Read More ›

More on the NS ER Model

Realistic expectations of our emergency departmentsPublished on February 5, 2013 Published on February 4, 2013 By Desmond Colohan Commentary There is a rumour going around West Prince that Health P.E.I. plans to close the emergency department at Western Hospital. I don’t claim to know whether there is any legitimacy to local residents’ concerns, but I… Read More ›