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Month: March 2013

Alberta Health Sevices Can’t Meet ER Wait Time Targets: We Wish We Could Change The Target

AHS Chief and Emergency Department wait times I read with interest the remarks of Dr. Chris Eagle with respect to the inability of the Alberta government to meet the ER wait time guidelines. He wishes he could go back in time to reset the benchmarks he can’t achieve. Canada’s emergency physicians would also like to… Read More ›

Non-Urgent ER Visits in Windsor

This continued emphasis on the non-urgent use of the ER diverts attention from the real issue facing Ontario emergency departments. ER crowding is a direct result of hospital crowding, which in turn is a result of an insufficent number of hospital beds to meet the needs of an aging populatioin with their burden of chronic,… Read More ›

The Grey Tsunami and Ontario ER Wait Times

Feb 28 2013 HAMILTON SPECTATOR Letter to the Editor Grey tsunami approaching our hospitals Health minister ‘is OK’ with closing hospital beds (Feb. 26) Only last week, your paper reported that hospitals in the Hamilton region had a terrible track record for ER wait times, which evidence has shown is due to hospital crowding, leading… Read More ›