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Month: July 2013

Air Ambulance Systems and Night Vision Goggles: Why are we flying blind?

It was gratifying to learn that Ontario’s ambulance service, Ornge, is considering the use of night vision goggles to improve operational efficiency and crew and pastient safety. Three provinces served by STARS (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) currently benefit from this technology. Ontario’s “positive disposition” is welcomed, however, it does raise the question of what happens… Read More ›

Ornge: Rural Ontarians need a world class air ambulance service. How do we make it happen?

Unpublished letter to the Editor, Toronto Star re Ornge I have very much appreciated your indepth coverage of the issues that have apparently plagued Ontario’s air ambulance service, Ornge.   As a frontline emergency health provider I can attest to some general dissaftisfaction with respect to the responsiveness of the organization. In terms of trauma case we… Read More ›

WRHA Never Seems to Learn

The following is an unpublished letter to the Winnipeg Free Press in response to today’s article on the WHRA attempting to reduce ED wait times by convincing patients to go else where using a media blitz. Another misguided attempt to solve a problem by the wrong means. Patient with non-urgent illness are not the root… Read More ›