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Month: January 2014

Manitoba ERs: a microcosm of all that ails emergency departments in Canada

I have been following the problems associated with emergency departments in Manitoba since 1994.Over the past twenty years I have been surprised by the sheer number of government pronouncements that a problem is fixed and everything will be fine.  Regrettably this never seems to be the case. In 1999 I read with amazement an article… Read More ›

CAEP Position Statement on Emergency Department Overcrowding and Access Block

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians CJEM ;15(6):359-370 DOI 10.2310/8000.CAEPPS

Death on the Doorstep

The recent deaths of two patients discharged from the emergency department of the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg and sent home by taxi has raised concerns about the safety and standardization of ER discharges. This is not just a Winnipeg problem. This past year two elderly female patients were released from emergency departments in the Vancouver… Read More ›