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Month: October 2014

Alberta must show leadership in resolving ER crowding

Prentice must show leadership on solving hospital crowding problem By Alan Drummond, Calgary Herald October 14, 2014 Jerry Orpe sits in his room in the South Calgary Health Campus on October 8, 2014. He is currently staying in the orthopaedic unit at the hospital while he and his family wait for a bed in one… Read More ›

Boarded ER patients suffer – MacLeans

Report: 1 in 10 ER patients face lengthy waits for beds ‘Despite the best efforts of nursing staff to keep people comfortable, we don’t do a good job’ Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press October 7, 2014  TORONTO – Visiting a hospital emergency department often conjures up an image of hours of cooling one’s heels before… Read More ›

The shameful wait for Emergency Care

Hospital emergency room wait is more than 28 hours for 10% of patients: report Sheryl Ubelacker, Canadian Press | October 7, 2014 6:36 PM ET More from Canadian Press Dario Ayala/Postmedia News/FileA report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information found seniors are among those with the longest wait times: one-quarter of those aged 65 and… Read More ›

ER Boarding: a polite way of saying we are killing your granny

‘Granny killing’ André Picard correctly reminds us of the two waits for emergency care: those in the waiting room and, more importantly, the sick and elderly who languish in ER hallways waiting for a ward or ICU bed (Seniors-On-Stretchers: A Health Care Disgrace, Sept. 23). It is the latter group who are prone to increased… Read More ›