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Manitoba ER election promises


ER election promises

We simply do not know whether we should laugh or cry at the recent pronouncements of the political parties vying for power in Manitoba.

The NDP claims it has addressed the problem of ER crowding by making walk-in clinics more available. It conveniently chooses to ignore the overwhelming science that suggests ER crowding is a result of hospital overcrowding and not overutilization by patients with non-urgent problems.

The Conservatives have announced they will form a task force to study the problem. In the 25 years that consecutive Manitoba governments have studied the problem, not one task force has had its recommendations fully implemented — and so the problem remains. After the multiple tragedies in ER waiting rooms, including the cases of Dorothy Madden, Brian Sinclair and Heather Brenan, you would think Manitobans would have had enough of such gross incompetence.

If these are the only two choices available to Manitobans, we fear they will continue to experience the worst ER waiting times in the country — and many more inquests.

Allan Drummond

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians

Perth, Ontario

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