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Should the CEC model be introduced in Ontario?


We disagree strongly with the comments of Willi Kirenko with respect to the advisability of introducing the Nova Scotia model of rural emergency care delivery to Ontario.
The Collaborative Emergency Centre Model of Nova Scotia in which nurses and paramedics provide after  hours emergency care in rural areas is both illusory and deceitful.
“Emergency care” is not available on a 24/7 basis.  Rather, at best, the CEC provides nothing more than enhanced after-hours primary care.
Even at that the model has failed in both Nova Scotia and PEI with all too frequent closures of CECs on the basis of either nursing or physician lack of availability.
Indeed, even the government of Nova Scotia has abandoned ther concept of using the word “emergency’ in the title as a misrepresentation of the type of care that is actually provided.
We can all agree that Ontario needs to develop a new way of delivering emergency care in rural Ontario and particularly in those communities that have chronic staffing difficulties.
The CEC model, however, is not the right solution.
The right approach is the standardization, categorization and regionalization of emergency care in the Province.
This is something the Ontario government has been studying for years. We would suggest that the Ontario government move on a regionalized model of care that provides timely access to emergency care for all Ontarians – not the smoke and mirrors of the discredited  CEC model.
My letter to the editor of the Wallaceburg paper.

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