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Month: October 2016

Since when does a bigger ER mean a shorter wait time?

Propagating the myth that ER crowding is a result of overutilization of the department by patients with non-urgent illness, a common governmental refrain is “we will build a bigger ER and patients will have less time to wait”.  This is of course complete nonsense.  ER crowding is a reflection of hospital crowding, not an onslaught… Read More ›

Patient Safety and Canadian Hospitals – And what of the emergency patient?

A recent report, published in the Globe and Mail, outlined some of the patient risks associated with hospital care in Canada. Perhaps unsurprisingly there was no comment with respect to the dangers to patient safety of overcrowded emergency departments. Below is my letter to the editor of the Globe. It is both sad and telling that… Read More ›

The Health Care Accord and ER Crowding

The recent discussions about the Health Care Accord, System Transformation and Greater Accountability have curiously been a lot about money and little about the issues that actually matter. Below is a letter I wrote to the National Post, which wasn’t published but nevertheless could be used by anybody with an interest in Crowding and the Accord…. Read More ›